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ChromaChecker Software

We provide our users with multiple options to purchase ChromaChecker functionality.  Users can purchase functionality on a monthly, yearly basis or if you don't want subscription license, then purchase a 3 year license (common amortization age for computer software).  Please review the differences between the Print or Color Inspector please consult the user manual to understand the difference

ChromaChecker Capture




ChromaChecker + Starter Kit



CC Certification Basic


On-boarding Support


Advanced Color Consulting


Integration Services


Display Inspector License

CC Display Basic


CC Display Pro


CC Products

We present a few selected products ideally suited to ChromaChecker.

Starter Kit


CC-2D Barcode Reader


CC Wired Data Logger (RHT-USB Sensor)


T-42 Instrument Inspector Target


Substrate Backer


Substrate Backer XL 11" x 17"


E-Factor Exercise/Sampler


15339 ∆E2000 Color Tolerance Exercise


Portable Instruments

The list of instruments supported by the Chromachecker software has been enriched with a group of small measuring instruments in an interesting way supplementing the existing measurement methods with a relatively low budget.
If you are not sure which instrument is best for your task consult the comparison table here.

Calibrate ColorChecker Studio


NIX Spectro 2


CC Nano


CC Spectro 1 With Bridge Kit


CC Spectro 1 PRO With Bridge Kit


X-Rite Instruments

Please note that offering X-Rite Instruments is limited to the US market only. 

i1Basic Pro 3


i1Basic Pro 3 Plus


i1iSis 2


i1iSis 2 XL


i1iO for i1Pro 3 & i1Pro 3 Plus


X-Rite eXact

ask about price

eXact Auto-Scan

ask about price


ask about price

Konica-Minolta Instruments



Spherical Instruments

CC_Sphere Portable Spectrophotometer

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NIP Tools

Nip Width Indicator Standard Set


Nip Width Indicator Traceable Set


High Pressure Indicator Set


Low Pressure Indicator Set